Complete List of Projects

211info, Data Project: Worked with Oregon’s human services hotline to develop strategies for using its data to help inform human services planning and public policy, 2010-2011.

211info, Service Provider Focus Groups and Survey: Conducted a survey and focus groups to identify strategies to better support the work of front-line health and human services staff to connect clients with resources to meet their needs, 2011.

CASA for Children, Outcome Data Project: Assessed options for CASA to collect and analyze outcome data to demonstrate the efficacy and return on investment of its work, 2013.

Central City Concern, Childcare Research: Conducted research on models for Central City Concern to support the childcare needs of its affordable housing tenants, 2007.

City of Portland Office of Equity and Human Rights, Strategic Planning: Conducted interviews and focus groups with internal and external stakeholders and wrote summary report to inform the Office’s strategic planning and the hiring of a new director, 2018.

City of Portland Mayor’s Office, Community Connect: Coordinated research and stakeholder engagement to develop policy recommendations to increase community involvement in Portland, 2007-2008.

City of Roseburg, Homeless Population Study: Conducted research, stakeholder interviews and policy analysis to help inform the City of Roseburg’s strategies to address homelessness, 2018-2019.

Coalition for a Livable Future, Regional Equity Action Plan: Developed presentations and workshops to share the findings of the Regional Equity Atlas 1.0 and to engage leaders from throughout the region in the creation of a regional equity action plan, 2005-2007.

Coalition for a Livable Future, Regional Equity Atlas 2.0: Project Manager for the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0, a research and education project using maps, data and stories to illuminate the Portland metro region's geography of opportunity and support policy change to address disparities, 2010-2015.

Coalition of Community Health Clinics, Strategic Planning: Facilitated a strategic planning process for a coalition of nonprofit health clinics serving low-income and uninsured patients, 2010.

Community Development Network, Permanent Supportive Housing Project: Coordinated a strategic planning process involving multiple stakeholders and conducted research to address the technical and resource barriers to developing permanent supportive housing, 2005-2007.

Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI), Community Organizing Training: Developed training manuals and workshops to support expansion and national replication of COFI’s family-focused community organizing model, 2000-2004.

COFI, Community Based Participatory Research: Provided methodological support, training, and research analysis for community-based participatory research projects involving low-income Latina and African American parents in Illinois, 2006-2012.

COFI, Policy Research: Conducted research to support the development of policy change campaigns related to elementary school discipline policies, reinstating recess in Illinois’s elementary schools, expanding preschool access for low-income families, and protecting low-income households from predatory lending, 2006-2016.

Family Forward, Strategic Planning: Facilitated strategic planning process for nonprofit advocating for policies to support working families, 2012.

Hacienda CDC, Community Building Program Development: Provided training and consultation on the development of a community building program for a neighborhood-based non-profit working with low-income Latino and Somali immigrants, 2005-2008.

Homebuilders Foundation, Strategic Plan Research: Conducted background research to inform the foundation’s strategic planning, 2013-2014.

Homebuilders Foundation, Shelter Preservation Project: Coordinated research, stakeholder input and planning to support development of new program area focused on addressing the maintenance and preservation needs of homeless shelter facilities, 2014-2015.

Home Forward, Community Building Research: Conducted best practices research for the Housing Authority of Portland on effective strategies for community building in economically diverse urban housing, 2007.

Home Forward, Strategic Planning: Partnered with the consulting team that facilitated the Housing Authority of Portland’s five-year strategic planning process; responsible for idea management, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, best practices research and writing, 2009-2010.

Home Forward, Resident Communications Strategic Initiative: Coordinated research and analysis for a project to gather input from public housing, affordable housing and Section 8 residents on how to improve Home Forward’s communication with them, 2011.

Home Forward, Employee Survey: Analyzed and wrote summary reports for employee surveys, 2010/2012/2015.

Housing Choice Education Partnership, Tenant Screening Evaluation: Worked with a collaborative representing housing authorities, private landlords and legal aid to evaluate alternative tenant screening tools designed to reduce the bias inherent in the standard tools, 2018-2019.

Housing Development Center, Capital Needs Analysis: Wrote a briefing paper on the capital needs of Seattle’s affordable housing portfolio for the City of Seattle’s Office of Housing, 2008.

JOIN, Model Articulation and Training Development: Worked with outreach and retention staff to articulate JOIN's homeless outreach and retention models and develop interactive training workshops on the models, 2016-2018.

Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good, Campaign Research: Conducted campaign research and produced reports related to affordable housing, tax policy and living wage jobs, 2002-2003.

Meyer Memorial Trust, Affordable Housing Initiative: Conducted an evaluation of the first five years of Meyer's Affordable Housing Initiative, coordinated the development of a framework for a new five-year Initiative, and conducted annual evaluations of the new Initiative, 2012-ongoing.

Meyer Memorial Trust, Evaluation Framework: Developed an evaluation framework and tools to support ongoing assessment of the foundation’s grantmaking and equity work; provided training and support to program staff in implementing the tools, 2016-2018.

Meyer Memorial Trust, Strategic Redesign: Coordinated stakeholder engagement and research to inform the development of a new Housing Opportunity Portfolio as part of the foundation’s redesign; worked with program staff to develop funding opportunity communications materials, 2016.

Meyer Memorial Trust, Evaluation of Homeless Youth Continuum: Conducted a multi-year evaluation of Multnomah County’s Homeless Youth Continuum, 2007-2008.

Multnomah County Department of County Human Services, Evaluation of Homeless Youth Continuum: Conducted annual Fidelity Scale Assessments of the Continuum’s implementation of the Assertive Engagement model, and worked with Continuum partners to develop and implement a comprehensive evaluation framework for the Continuum’s work, 2010-2017.

Multnomah County Department of County Human Services, Poverty in Multnomah County Report:  Researched and wrote a comprehensive report on poverty in Multnomah County to inform the county government’s planning and policy solutions, 2014.

Multnomah County SUN Program, Early Learning Hub Research: Conducted research on the demographics and needs of low-income 0-6 year olds in Multnomah County to support the development of Multnomah County’s Early Learning Hub, 2013.

Neighborhood Partnership Fund, Community Organizing Training: Created and facilitated a training workshop on community organizing for community development corporations, with follow-up technical assistance to individual organizations, 2005.

New Avenues for Youth, Cost-Benefit Analysis: Conducted an analysis of the social return on investment of the agency's programs to empower homeless youth to exit street life, 2005-2006.

New Avenues for Youth, Environmental Scan: Conducted research, focus groups and surveys to identify gaps in services for homeless youth to help inform the agency’s strategic planning process, 2009-2010.

New Avenues for Youth, Younger Youth Report: Researched and wrote a report analyzing why homeless youth under age 18 are a declining portion of the youth served by Multnomah County’s homeless youth system, 2012-2013.

Nurture Development, Limited Equity Cooperatives: Conducted research and developed materials to explain limited equity housing cooperatives to lenders, investors, public agencies and community groups, 2008.

Oregon Campaign for Economic Justice, Coalition Coordinator: Coordinated a statewide coalition of community organizing and advocacy organizations working to impact state-level public policy through grassroots organizing and education, 2002-2004.

Oregon Center for Public Policy, Tax Break Workshop: Worked with OCPP staff to develop an interactive workshop, "Oregon Tax Breaks: Hidden Spending and Misplaced Priorities," for grassroots organizations, unions and advocacy groups, 2002-2003.

Oregon Environmental Council, Evaluation Framework: Developed an evaluation framework for a three-year air quality project funded by the Kellogg Foundation, 2016.

Oregon Food Bank, Survey Development: Revised the Hunger Factors survey instrument to support effective collection and analysis of statewide data related to poverty and hunger, 2011.

Oregon Opportunity Network, Resident Services Opportunity Project: Coordinated research and stakeholder engagement with a statewide network of affordable housing organizations to develop recommendations for supporting the stability and success of low-income tenants, 2010.

Oregon Opportunity Network, Strategic Planning: Partnered with consulting team that facilitated the strategic planning process resulting from the merger of the Community Development Network and Association of Oregon Community Development Organizations, 2008.

Portland Community Reinvestment Initiative, Strategic Planning: Facilitated a strategic planning process and focus groups to guide program planning, 2003-2004.

Portland Development Commission, Community Economic Development Roadmap: Partnered with the consulting team that coordinated the Community Economic Development Roadmap project; responsible for facilitating stakeholder focus groups and writing a summary report, 2010.

Portland Housing Bureau, Point-in-Time Count of HomelessnessCoordinated bi-annual Homeless Street Counts and wrote comprehensive reports on homelessness in Portland/ Multnomah County, 2008-2015.

Portland Housing Bureau, Evaluation of Dignity Village: Conducted evaluation of Dignity Village, a self-managed homeless camp, 2010.

Portland Housing Bureau, McKinney Applications: Coordinated 2008 and 2009 federal Housing and Urban Development McKinney Continuum of Care grant applications and assisted with 2011 application, 2008/ 2009/ 2011.

Portland Schools Alliance, Interim Executive Director: Led a small non-profit through a year-long transition period. Facilitated strategic planning, evaluated and strengthened community organizing and training models, oversaw ongoing leadership development and community organizing work, conducted board development, and recruited and trained new staff, 2004-2005.

Reach Community Development, Community Development Financial Institution Research: Conducted an assessment of the potential for REACH to become a Community Development Financial Institution, 2010.

Reclaiming Futures, Social Return on Investment Training: Developed a webinar and training materials on methods for analyzing the social return on investment for human services programs, 2010.

Sisters of the Road, Strategic Planning: Coordinated a five-year strategic planning process that included gathering stakeholder input and facilitating a board and staff retreat, 2007-2008.

State of Oregon Department of Human Services, Homeless and Runaway Youth Strategic Framework: Conducted an environmental scan, research synthesis and stakeholder engagement process to develop a strategic framework and policy recommendations for addressing the needs of Oregon’s homeless and runaway youth, 2016.

Ten-Year Plan Reset Committee, Homeless Research: Provided research and data analysis support to the Reset Committee for Multnomah County’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, 2012.

Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness Citizens Commission, Homeless ResearchAnalyzed the data on homelessness in Multnomah County to support the development of the initial Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness, 2004.

YWCA of Portland, Environmental Scan: Conducted research and stakeholder focus groups to inform the organization's re-invention process, 2011.

Zimmerman Community Center, Program Development: Conducted best practices research and facilitated strategic planning, program development and organizational development for a non-profit working to strengthen civic life in Portland’s River District, 2006-2009.