Kristina Smock Consulting works with nonprofits, governments and foundations to develop and implement complex projects that require strong research and analytical skills using a creative and pragmatic approach.

Principal consultant Kris Smock holds a Ph.D. in sociology and has topical expertise in the fields of homelessness, affordable housing, human services, social equity and community engagement. With sharp focus, attention to nuance and detail, and a mission-driven orientation, she works with each client to develop tailored strategies to meet their needs. 

Services include:


Research + Evaluation

Drawing upon academic training, community-based experience and facilitation skills, Kristina Smock Consulting asks important questions and methodically arrives at answers.

Policy Analysis

Kristina Smock Consulting sheds light on complex community issues for decision makers and the public through insightful policy analysis and by translating data and information into compelling stories with clear policy implications.

Stakeholder Facilitation

Through facilitation, engaged listening and effective process design, Kristina Smock Consulting brings diverse stakeholders together to develop shared goals and strategic frameworks.


Kris received a Ph.D. in sociology from Northwestern University and is the author of Democracy in Action: Community Organizing and Urban Change (Columbia University Press, 2004). She has extensive on-the-ground experience with a wide range of community-based organizations and a background in community organizing and community development. She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in urban studies and social theory at Portland State University, Northwestern University and the Associated Colleges of the Midwest’s Urban Studies Program.

Kristina Smock Consulting has been in operation since 2002.