CANDY SOLOVJOVS, former Director of Programs


"Meyer Memorial Trust has engaged Kris on a number of high priority projects, primarily related to our affordable housing investments. In every situation she has expertly guided our planning work, integrated stakeholder perspectives, and contributed her own deep well of knowledge to inform our decisions. The frameworks she has developed with us authentically reflect the variety of perspectives she heard, include an equity lens, and are documents we keep coming back to again and again throughout implementation. She consistently delivers work that is clear and of the highest quality — all reliably under tight timeframes and within budget. Perhaps most of all, I have appreciated Kris’ collaborative approach, calm spirit and flexibility — she truly is a delight to work with."

MARA GROSS, former Executive Director


"Kris has a rare combination of strategic thinking, project management, stakeholder engagement, writing, and analytical skills that have been invaluable in her role as the project manager for the Regional Equity Atlas. She created order from the multitude of issues involved in a complex, multi-faceted project, repeatedly developing pragmatic solutions to seemingly intractable problems. The quality of Kris’s work and her follow-through are both exceptional. Kris is also incredibly generous and hard-working, and has a deep commitment to community-driven change. I see her as an essential part of our team and can’t recommend her highly enough."

ROBIN BOYCE, former Executive Director

Housing Development Center

"Working with Kris is a delight.  She is excellent at outlining efficient processes to address complex issues with multiple stakeholders and has a particular talent in integrating policy goals with program implementation. Kris’s understanding of housing policy and governmental relations made her a quick study for our project. Kris is an excellent writer and researcher. We enjoy working with her and look forward to new opportunities to work together."

ELLEN SCHUMER, Executive Director

Community Organizing and Family Issues (Chicago)

"Kris has contributed immensely to our work in a wide range of areas. She has provided strategic consultation on organizing campaigns, done both policy and development research, and frequently provides executive coaching on organizational management and organizational development issues. Kris has helped COFI in the drafting of leadership curriculum materials and the creation of systems for staff and leadership development. I wholeheartedly recommend Kris as an organizational consultant."

MARY LI, Director


"Multnomah County has worked with Kristina Smock Consulting for many years. The consistent high quality of her work, her ability to understand complex and challenging systems of care, and her skill in presenting complicated data in a manner that anyone can understand have been an invaluable support for the County's mission and work. More importantly, Kris blends her research and evaluation skills with a heart and compassion for those in our community suffering from the impacts of homelessness, poverty, and violence — seeking to inform policy makers and elected officials so that they can make data informed decisions. We look forward to continuing to utilize Kristina Smock Consulting in our future work."