Kristina Smock Consulting works with advocacy organizations, foundations and governments to provide research on inequities and to promote the application of an equity lens in policy and programming.

Areas of expertise include:

  • ­Research and data analysis to examine inequities and highlight disparities
  • ­Program evaluation from an equity perspective
  • ­Development of equity lenses to guide planning and policy
  • ­Regional equity and the social determinants of health
  • Advocacy and policy change to address disparities.



Coalition for a Livable Future, Regional Equity Action Plan: Developed presentations and workshops to share the findings of the Regional Equity Atlas 1.0 and to engage leaders from throughout the region in the creation of a regional equity action plan, 2005-2007.

Coalition for a Livable Future, Regional Equity Atlas 2.0: Project Manager for the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0, a research and education project using maps, data and stories to illuminate the Portland metro region's geography of opportunity and support policy change to address disparities, 2010-2015.

Community Organizing and Family Issues, Community Based Participatory Research: Provided methodological support, training and research analysis for community-based participatory research projects involving low-income Latina and African American parents to support policy change campaigns to address disparities affecting their communities, 2006-2012.

Meyer Memorial Trust, Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) Equity Lens: Coordinated the development of an equity lens as part of the AHI framework, and conducted annual evaluations of the AHI focusing on implementation of the equity lens, 2013-ongoing.

Meyer Memorial Trust, Strategic Redesign: Developed an evaluation framework and tools to support ongoing assessment of the foundation’s redesigned grantmaking strategy with a focus on evaluating its application of an equity lens, 2016.

Multnomah County Department of County Human Services, Poverty in Multnomah County Report:  Researched and wrote a comprehensive report on poverty in Multnomah County with a focus on disparities affecting communities of color, immigrants and refugees, and persons with disabilities, 2014.